Family with the Terra-Jet:
Dad, Son and Daugther in the 1972 Green Jet:
1970 Model Terra-Jet no engine hood cover:
Green Terra-Jet pulling a trailer:
Green Jet 1970 model:
Terra-Jet's can go:
Blue 1970 Terra-Jet:
Green 1973 Terra-Jet:
You guessed it!:
Customized VA-6:
Customized VA-6:
Customized VA-6:
Customized VA-6:
Lime Green TE-453 from Ontario:
Red 1970 Model:
VA-6 With Top:
Three vehicles on the parking lot-1:
Three vehicles on the parking lot-2:
Three vehicles on the parking lot-3:
Three vehicles on the parking lot-4:
Customer takes delivery of Terra-Jet 2000:
Terra-Jet can go....go....go....:
Lime Green TE-453:
1970 Green Terra-Jet on Snow:
Orange TE-453:
Terra-Jet in Quebec:
Try this Terra-Jet:
Another great shot:
Check the color of this TE-453:
1974 Terra-Jet on snow:
Going into a creek:
On the creek:
Coming out of the creek:
Terra-Jet towing a trailer:
TE-453 with rack:
Crossing swamp:
TE-453 in mud:
Crossing swamp 2:
Pulling ahead - leading:
Terra-Jet out back:
Terra-Jet in Mud:
72 with some paint spots:
Take a look at this Terra-Jet:
Green 1972 Model Terra-Jet:
Bryans TJ:
This vehicle goes....:
Clydes vehicle:
In Quebec on the job at the cabin:
This vehicle looks good:
Red VA-6 BP:
Red VA-6 in snow:
Red Terra-Jet VA-6 goes...:
Look at the VA-6 go...:
Terra-Jet is a real strong vehicle:
Small trees are no trouble....:
Green Terra-Jet - take a look...:
A neat way to haul the Terra-Jet:
This Terra-Jet looks good!:
This vehicle was completely restored:
The Lime Green really looks good on this TE-453:
Look at the Terra-Jet go....!:
Shots of a 1970 Terra-Jet:
More shots of a 1970 Terra-Jet:
A great 1970 Model Terra-Jet 400E:
What a Terra-Jet:
Terra-Jet vehicles at the camp - Several models:
Yellow 1974 Terra-Jet on trailer:
Terra-Jet on three wheels:
Green 1974 Terra-Jet pulling into camp with trailer attached:
Terra-Jet in the brush:
This is a K-400 Terra-Jet!:
Chucks 1971 Terra-Jet six years ago from Ontario:
You tell us?:
The hunt - The Jet - and the Black Lab:
The two young girls at the hunt with their Jet and their Black Lab: The Terra-Jet is a family vehicle
Bet you didn't know that wood can be used to upgrade your old 400E Jet to a look alike VA-6: Call us for more information on this process! Terra-Jet USA
The upgrade of an old 400E Terra-Jet to a VA-6 Lookalike:
Take a look at this Blue 1970 TJX:
Terra-Jet from Columbia "BEFORE":
Terra-Jet from Columbia "AFTER" (Good Job, Mauricio):
Did you know that Terra-Jet marketed a Three Wheeler a long time ago?:
Red 1972 Terra-Jet:
1972 Red Jet at a picnic :
Red 1972 Jet at the picnic:
VA-6 Can you see this?:
The VA-6 moves!:
Again the VA-6 can move!:
These guy's are having fun in the VA-6:
The Terra-Jet VA-6 is a go getter, it goes...:
This VA-6 is ready for a restoration project (Camo):
Continued Camo VA-6 for restoration:
This 1974 Model has been restored in Monroe, Louisiana U.S.A.: